Friday, November 11, 2011

Rain Day

It was a full moon last night on a cloudless sky, a moon so bright that most of the stars that one might expect could not be seen.  I slept in the moon, choosing to not complain about the light, but to take it in.  When I got up in the middle of the night, the forest had become a grey toned scene, black shadows with the greys being the same as tarnished silver.  Only Orion was there, sideways over the ridge on the far side of the valley.  It seemed a shame to go back to sleep.  I heard the first winds come.  I heard the first brief rain fall.

I worked for an hour in the shop building another specimen box.  When T, T and K showed up with their carpentry students, I loaded up and headed to the squatter cabin for a few more measurements.  It began to rain hard as I reached the log bridge.  My field work would not last long today.  I measured shingle locations for each row of shingles-
When my hat, jacket, pants and notebook were drenched, I descended.  I enjoyed the sound of rain in the forest very much.  If only it wasn't so wet.

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