Monday, September 24, 2012

September 20

So begins a long weekend, not that in my line of work I have actual weekends, but still, it is a long weekend of "lasts".

The day starts with a 7 hour drive to get to the farm.  I am no longer a resident of, but rather a visitor to western Washington.  In another week or so I will live on the far coast of the continent.  So, my last few days at Smoke Farm have become my last few days in Washington.  I come early to have the farm to myself one more time.

I find a Smoke Farm work party when I arrive, which is not a surprise.  S suggests that I move my art from the loafing shed to the new dining hall because they needed to put the big black temporary wall up to facilitate video recording of the speakers.  For me, it is just another opportunity to practice installing the 68 specimen boxes in a new space...all good.  And, I do like the design of the new building.

The work party all leaves to return home for the night.  The valley goes quiet and dusk comes by 7, just like it did when I started the residency a year ago.  A quarter moon goes away.  There is no wind.  The feral cat passes by.

After I am well asleep a noise awakens me.  It's indistinct sounds until a flashlight clicks on.  It is B and M arriving to set-up for the talks.  It is only 10:30.  They go on with their business and I sleep through whatever they are doing.

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