Saturday, October 1, 2011

September 29

I start by taking my sweetheart to the airport.  We will be apart most of the coming year.  It is purely economics...she has a job to do, I have a job to do, and they are not in the same place.  I do not like to think about it much.

At the farm - I hear ATV's and find pick-up trucks parked near the barn.  No one has told me about this.  I call S. and find out that it is a work crew, which is a relief...nuf sed.  I head up to the north field to continue the map project and to meet the crew.  But, it turns out that they are spraying invasive plants to give the newly planted trees a fighting chance.  It is best that I am not in the fields for 24 hours or so.  So, after picking their brains for background information about their restoration work, I head back downriver.

I stop where the road is 20 feet above the river, where one can look straight down into the current.  The shadowy shapes of humpies - salmon also called pinks, are flitting is not the word.  Salmon move with power and swiftness...not sure what word that is, but it is impressive...they do it on an empty stomach also as they are swimming upstream to spawn and then die.  They do not eat once they head upstream.

I stop and do my stump research for an "in-the-head" project.  I find that the project is feasible and only slightly altered than what is in my head.  Now, I can write a grant proposal and pretend that I am a grown-up and all that shit.  But first, I collect 10 pieces of a skeleton and a tin from the top of an old oil can.

I finish reading the Te of Piglet, eating lunch and nodding off, nodding on, nodding off - I did not sleep well last night.  It is a good book although at twenty years old it shows that our society has completely wasted about 20 years. 

I sit and do bead embroidery on my field pack... a thoroughly mindless task with no point other than to put a decent looking pattern on the black fabric.  But really, beadwork always was about status...mine says that what I am doing with that field pack is important enough for me to spend hours decorating the pack.  Sometimes people figure that out.

My wife calls while I am making dinner and it makes me very happy.

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